Platelet Rich Fibrin and Plasma

What is PRF and PRP?

PRF and PRP are buzz words you may have heard of from influencers promoting having some of these procedures on social media platforms. We’ve recently heard of people mentioning it on Instagram for cosmetic procedures such as a natural alternative for fillers to “vampire” facials and it can be used to treat bald spots. This is a new trend on social media but PRF and PRP have been around in the medical world for years.

So what is PRF and PRP?

PRF is Platelet Rich Fibrin and PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma and are used in the field of regenerative medicine. Both products require a blood draw from the patient. The whole blood sample is then placed into a centrifuge, where blood is spun and processed and separated into layers. Why do this? Harvested PRP has growth factors and stem cells along with platelets, fibrin, and white blood cells. Why would a dentist use this procedure?

In the dental field PRF is used for use in extraction and implant procedures use the body’s own growth factors and stem cells to provide the following benefits:


•Reduced swelling and inflammation.
 •Less pain reported.
 •Faster healing of surgical sites.
 •Lower incidence of dry socket after tooth extraction.
 • Better healing after bone grafts and dental implants.

How does Valley Brook Dental use PRF and PRP?

Dr. Gurecka utilizes some of the most advanced techniques for dental implant placement and bone regeneration to achieve lasting results. Significant changes have occurred in both these areas over the last 5 years allowing dentists to greatly simplify the surgical procedures while increasing the reliability of the outcomes. In many cases, it is now possible for the patient with a broken tooth or a fractured root to have the tooth removed and the implant placed the same day, even leaving the office with a temporary crown and a normal smile. This has been made possible by improved extraction techniques which preserve bone at the extraction site and newer implant designs that have led to improved initial stability.

Dr. Gurecka uses state of the art MEDCO centrifuge system, (which is based on the work of Dr. Joseph Choukroun who invented and pioneered the use of PRF in France) to prepare a variety of Platelet Rich Fractions (PRF) from a small sample of the patient's own blood as we’ve been talking about. These fractions and the growth factors they contain accelerate the healing process and reduce infection. The I-PRF is combined with bone graft material prior to placement to use the patient’s own stem cells to ensure rapid replacement by the body in forming new bone. The A-PRF is used to create Bone Regeneration Membranes to cover the bone graft and release natural growth factors to promote healing, especially in areas like vertical sinus lift procedures for implant placement in the upper molar region.

Years ago PRP and then PRF was cutting edge technology. This field is always evolving and being used in new ways all the time. Valley Brook Dental has been using these methods since 2017 and is on top of all the new advances.  We would love to help you with your smile. If you are looking for dental implants or want to switch to a dentist who uses the latest technology, look no further than Dr. Gurecka located at Valley Brook Dental in McMurray PA.



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