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 Dr. Gurecka is one of the first dentists to utilize these new, innovative 
procedures in in the Peters Township area... 

 Now using Versah® technology to provide osseodensification to conserve bone during implants by expanding the jaw bone and not cutting bone away. This reduces the need for foreign graft products. One of the most innovative techniques to arrive is the Versah® surgical system which has a unique set of surgical drills designed not to remove bone, but to condense it and gradually expand the width of the extraction site to prepare it for implant placement. It can also furnish a fine quantity of the patient's own bone for autografting the area around the implant eliminating the need for other bone substitutes or cadaver bone.

 Dr. Gurecka now uses PRP and PRF (platelet rich plasma) to create enhanced guided bone regeneration by providing the patient's own growth factors and stem cells to assist in bone healing and implant stability. Why is this so exciting? Since we are using the patient's own stem cells, there is no immunological reactions, minimal swelling and rapid healing which all leads to improved patient satisfaction 




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