Single Tooth Implant

Single-Tooth Replacement with Our Advanced Dental Implant Procedure

single tooth implantIf you’ve experienced tooth loss due to an injury, large cavity, gum disease, or failed root canal, schedule an appointment with Dr. Gurecka for single tooth replacement. Valley Brook Dental provides advanced implantation and high-quality crowns.

What to Expect?

When visiting our practice, you can expect a thorough examination of your dental structure to ensure proper placement and a successful procedure.

During the initial exam, Dr. Gurecka obtains precise, digital 3D images, used to create a plan customized for you. He evaluates all the information to determine your eligibility to receive a single dental implant.

Those with oral health in good-standing are generally eligible for placement; those with progressive gum disease or other complications may need to receive treatment before placement.

After your exam, the next step is for our dentist to take a digital impression of your bite so that your crown fits perfectly with the rest of your smile. This prosthetic tooth is shade-matched to your healthy teeth for uniformity.  Teeth whitening may be offered before placement, as restorations like crowns and bridges can’t be lightened later.

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Once we’ve developed a procedure plan specified to your needs, we schedule your implant placement, and then set up your follow-up appointment to receive your final restoration.

Using PRF and PRP with Implants

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are both generated from your blood’s plasma. Using this biologic material after extractions and at the time of implant placement helps gum tissue and bone heal. The expedited, complete fusion between implant post and bone provides a strong, secure anchor for your crown.

We Customize Treatments for Amazing Results

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Dr. Gurecka offers a variety of restoration choices and modifies his treatment to meet your specific needs. To ensure the most natural function and appearance, he may recommend porcelain, BruxZir®, e.max®, or porcelain-fused-to-metal for your crown. 

Our patients come to our McMurray location for dental implants from Upper St. Clair, Canonsburg, South Fayette, McDonald, and Washington because of the reputation we have established in the area.

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