Medical Missions

At Valley Brook Dental we believe in reaching out to those less fortunate to provide needed care. We support local efforts in the community and school districts plus choose special opportunities where I can help professionally. On the most recent medical mission trip to China Dr. Gurecka and his wife Helen and daughter Diana accompanied 28 other health care workers from 7 other states and Canada who arrived in Shanghai then split into 2 teams, one going to Guilin in Guangxi Province and the other to Suqian in Jiangsu Province. The group represented a Humanitarian Non-Profit (Care for the Children) which was invited by the government and local universities to participate in student training and provide free clinics for local residents.   

As part of the Guilin team Dr. Gurecka worked in the Guilin Medical University Dental Treatment Clinic seeing patients while his wife Helen helped with triage and daughter Diana escorted patients to their respective stations. Many of these patients had never had dental care before and were so happy to have their problems fixed! The day would start with patients at 8 AM and finish at 5PM followed by case presentations and lectures for the dental students and residents on topics like dental implants and bone grafting techniques.  

During the 3 hour lunch period the group traveled to local “Sunshine Homes” (literally Talent Development Schools) which cared for children who were deaf, blind or had Downs Syndrome. Here they worked with teachers to give presentations and distribute toys and oral hygiene supplies.  Considering the jet lag Diana held up extremely well and was quite helpful in the clinic and especially enjoyed working with the special needs children at the Sunshine Homes. Helen functioned as the group translator and was instrumental to the clinic running smoothly.

Occasionally team members were able to break away to explore the wonders of the LI River Valley, a designated World Heritage site with village traditions going back over 2000 years!  There were also many opportunities to sample local delicacies and some really different fruits. The staff at the Clinical Medicine Department were gracious hosts and made everyone feel right at home. After a week of patient care, sharing techniques, and making friends the team was delighted to accept their invitation to return again next year.







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