COVID-19 Update

Valley Brook Dental COVID-19 Safety Measures 

Dr. Gurecka and his staff at Valley Brook Dental are committed to the health and safety of our valued patients. We appreciate your patience and participation in our new process to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

If you have traveled, or plan to travel, to an area outside of the greater Pittsburgh area, it's recommended that you stay at home for 14 days upon return to Pennsylvania and wait to schedule until after that time period.

Upon arrival to your appointment, we ask that you call the office to let us know you are here. Wait in your car until we call in you in. 

No other family members are allowed in the office and that includes siblings so please consider who will bring the child before scheduling the appointment. 

We will provide a link to you prior to your appointment to update information. When you arrive, you can sign in to our kiosk to check in. Our kiosk and waiting area are wiped down after every patient. 

We practice social distancing by providing a limited amount of seating the waiting room. Our patients are scheduled to allow more time in between appointments to minimize the amount of people that are in our office. 

We ask that you wear a mask while you are waiting for your appointment. Your clinician will instruct you on when it is safe to remove your mask.

Your temperature will be taken upon your arrival and we ask that you use a pre-rinse before your treatment starts. 

Our staff is equipped with protective gear to protect you and themselves. Our staff will have their temperatures taken at the beginning of the day.

We have increased our cleaning protocol especially for common areas and high touch objects and have taken steps to mitigate aerosols in the treatment areas. Additional steps have been taken to mitigate aerosols which might arise in the treatment areas including Medical Grade HEPA filtration, UVC Germicidal lights, and electrostatic fogging with non-toxic Hypochlorous solution. The office closes at lunch to further disinfect operatories and common areas then again at closing. 

All staff have been OSHA trained and certified in the proper use of the N95 respirators and updated guidelines from the CDC and the American Dental Association have been added to our routine.



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